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The idea for Honey Bee Baby (now Love Bug Baby) came when I started planning for my own future family. Growing up in Las Vegas and then having spent some time in other cities, I realized after moving back that although full of families, Las Vegas really lacked the resources for new parents. Sure you could go to a department store, but I felt like the options here were very limited and didn’t really go well with our style or values on living a more “green” lifestyle. I always found myself scouring the internet for eco-friendly or unique products to buy my friends for their baby showers; while still having to shop multiple sites in order to get a good variety of things. We then thought to ourselves, “Why can’t we have everything we love in one place here in our city?”

What we are about:

Eco-Friendly and Organic: We are all about the green movement, however, we are also very modern and like things that are stylish but also safe and sustainable. At Love Bug Baby we wanted to make sure that we were giving our customers the opportunity to have access to all the best brands. We’ve done thousands of hours worth of research to ensure we offer safe and eco-friendly products for you and your baby. We want making Earth friendly choices to be easier and more approachable. With thousands of brands out there, it’s nice to have all the best options in one convenient place. 

Etsy & Instagram Small Businesses: We love that special feeling of receiving something unique and one of a kind. We also love supporting other small businesses, especially those owned by moms and dads! We scour social media and the internet to bring you the coolest stuff we can find from some really awesome small businesses. We believe in the “American Dream” and we hope by carrying these brands we can really show how great it is to #shopsmall.

International Delights: We love to travel. Some of the best stuff we’ve come across has come from other countries. We research top of the line products from other places and bring them to you without you having to pay for international shipping. Now you can shop the world’s best baby products without having to leave your city!

LBB Mom & Dad: We think parents are the unsung heroes: helping to shape our world’s future, one sleepless night at a time. You deserve to have cool products too! If you’re looking for that perfect shower gift for a new mom or dad, or just want to spoil yourself a little, look no further; we have just the thing in out LBB Mom section. We pride ourselves on being able to offer unique products that will make the whole family happy.

Gift Delivery: Have you ever been unable to celebrate a holiday with a loved one and just sent flowers instead? Imagine sending a baby gift just as easily. Here at Love Bug Baby, we offer a local gift delivery service for the Las Vegas area. Can’t make it to a friend’s baby shower, birthday, baptism, or gender reveal but still want to send something special? No worries, we’ll put a basket together and bring it to the event for you. Just give us your budget and an idea of what theme you would like (colors, style, type of items, etc.) and we’ll put something amazing together for you and your recipient.

Community: We were raised in this city, and our dream is to be able to give back to it. At LBB, we want to make our store a comfortable place for parents to come learn and share about the products they love. We want to create a caring environment, free of judgment, because at the end of the day we are all just figuring out what works best for us and our families. Our hope is to bring our city together and create one giant support system for parents and their babies. We would also love to get involved and support any local charities or causes. Please contact us at shoplovebugbaby@gmail.com for more information.

“We want to thank you for shopping with us at Love Bug Baby and supporting us on this journey to providing better product options for Las Vegas families. We wouldn’t be here without you!”

 -Crystal Chase – Owner of Love Bug Baby

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