Baby Bling Bows

Baby Bling - FAB-BOW-LOUS - White

$ 17.00
$ 17.00

We like big bows and we cannot lie!  From family photos to trips to the zoo, the FAB® ensures your mini-me looks FAB-BOW-LOUS® doing it all.


* Limited seams on the headband means maximum stretch for ultimate comfort.

* Soft, rolled edges makes this bow casual enough for everyday wear.

* Available in a wide variety of colors, you can match today's hottest trends and your favorite hand-me downs.

* This style is secured with adhesive to ensure a picture perfect bow every time you put it on.

* Each headband is hand sewn and tied by women in our local community.


* This headband is one size fits most and the size cannot be adjusted. 

* The headband is sewn at a 6.5" diameter (13" circumference), keep in mind that measurement is before it stretches. 

* The headband measures 4.25” in width

* The bow measures approximately 4.5" across.


* Premium nylon/spandex blend * Made in the USA
Made in United States