Ooly - Foil-tastic Foil Art Kit - Whimsical World

$ 11.50
$ 11.50

Don’t be foiled(!) foil art kits are fun

This foil art kit is the perfect balance of coloring and crafting! It includes 12 double-sided coloring pages, each with a different whimsical design including a unicorn, narwhal, and other mythical creatures! One side of each page is for decorating with shimmery foil, the other is for coloring in. 24 bright foil sheets are also included, so your little one can create their own shiny masterpiece. This foil art is for kids who love to spend afternoons being creative!

  • Foil art kit with whimsical characters - just peel, stick, and shine
  • Kit includes 12 double-sided loose pages with foil art on one side and coloring pages on the other
  • 24 foil sheets to decorate the foil art side
  • Packaging size 6.5” x 9.0”
  • Suitable for ages 6+