"Gift Basket Ideas" From Honey Bee Baby - Nautical

"Gift Basket Ideas" From Honey Bee Baby - Nautical

Aug 12, 2015Crystal Chase


One of our favorite things to do at Honey Bee Baby is put together gift baskets for HBB Moms -to- be. We offer an event delivery service for customers in the Las Vegas area. Can't make a baptism, birthday, or gender reveal party? No worries, we've got this for you.

We usually like to start with a theme for each of our gifts. Sometimes they are based on types of products or on a similar color palette. Gifts with a theme tend to be more appealing to the eye of the receiver and may also come off as more thoughtful in certain occasions. Does the momma love flowers? Is her husband a firefighter? Putting a little more thought into the cohesiveness of the gift will add that special touch.

The basket featured above is based on a nautical theme. We've been seeing this theme trending a lot through social media and blogs and we think its the perfect combination for any little sailor!

1. Finn + Emma Hat in Anchor : This reversible hat is super convenient for mixing and matching with other outfits.  It pairs well with the whole Finn & Emma Anchor line, and we like that they only use 100% organic cotton. Even babies with the most sensitive skin can rock these hip prints. $14.00 (Honey Bee Baby) 

2. Finn + Emma Romper in Anchor : Our hottest summer item! Rompers are popping up all over the place. And for a good reason too. This one features easy to get to snaps made out of coconut inserts for those crawlers, anxious to wiggle away during diaper changes. And the modern print is sure to make any little one, feel like the captain of his ship! $30.00 (Honey Bee Baby)

3. Freshly Picked Crib Moccasins: These tiny shoes hold toesies captive and comfy. We love the variety of prints they come out with seasonally. Made in the U.S.A with genuine leather, these moccasins will make a sweet addition to any wardrobe. $45.00 (Freshly Picked) 

4. 3 Sprouts Stroller Caddy in Blue Whale : Boy do we love our organization! This one is a gift more for mommas. Its two cup holders and secret pocket makes for the ultimate stroller caddy. We like to use these in lieu of your typical wicker baskets for gifts. They hold a bunch of stuff,  and can be useful later to mom. Not to mention the felt animal designs are super cute! $19.95 (Honey Bee Baby) 

5. Little Unicorn Swaddle Set in Anchors Aweigh: Wrap your little one up and sail away in this ultra soft cotton muslin set from Little Unicorn. Swaddle sets are top on most moms baby registries, which is why they make such great gifts to give!  They can be used in the stroller on a breezy day, or act as the ultimate prop for a newborn photo shoot. We rank these as one of our most useful gifts to give. $38.00 Print available at (Little Unicorn) shop Little Unicorn products at (Honey Bee Baby).

6. Mayapple Baby Suri Teething Set: Teething is never a fun time. Give mom a break with these german grade silicone teethers from Mayapple Baby. We like using them in our baskets to add color, and to give mom something she might not of thought about needing. Teething usually comes later on down the road, and she'll definitely be thinking of you when she reaches for this to soothe her baby's sore gums. Three teethers included per package. $20.00 (Honey Bee Baby)

7. Pebble "Once Upon a Time" Pirate Stuffie : Baby's first mate. These handmade dolls from Bangladesh will make your gift feel like a worldly treasure. Adding a stuffed animal or soft toy usually helps pull the basket together and add texture. Its also nice to include a variety of products that are good for both baby and mom. These will make for great cuddle companions, or accents for a themed nurseries. Moms will also love supporting this brand since every doll purchase helps Pebble create jobs for women in rural Bangladesh.  $39.95 (Honey Bee Baby)

8. BabyLit "Moby Dick" Ocean Primer : The depths of the ocean can be discovered in this super colorful book from BabyLit. Board books are the perfect way to introduce reading to baby. We like this one because it goes with our ocean theme. BabyLit is known for making the classics approachable. This can also double as a card at those showers where parents requests books to stock the nursery instead. $9.95 (Honey Bee Baby)  

9. Anchor Wood Teething Rattle from Finn + Emma : Soothe baby with the sound of rain with this unique wooden rattle from Finn + Emma. Their wood toys are made from untreated Indian hardwood and Beeswax. Edges are soft, smooth, and safe for baby to gnaw on. We like to add eco friendly toys in our baskets, and wooden rattles always seem to be a hit. Moms like them because they are cute and sturdy. No plastics here, so no chemicals to worry about either! A win for everyone! $19.00  (Finn + Emma)


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