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ABCs of Halloween Book
$ 8.99
$ 9.99

This board comes with three levels of learning that last from beginner to beyond. It starts with the basics, build curiosity, and allows little one to explore and grow. It only takes a little spark to ignite a child’s mind!

$ 17.99
In this stunning picture book, lyrical text and enchanting illustrations beautifully depict each stage of life and the journey of transformation that we experience as we grow up.
BabyLit "Moby Dick" Ocean Primer BabyLit "Moby Dick" Ocean Primer
$ 9.99

You'll have a whale of a time reading this to your little one! Little Master Melville teaches little ones the language of the sea in Moby-Dick: An Ocean Primer from BabyLit. From ships and sailors, to squawking gulls and moody good captains, Alison Oliver’s brilliant illustrations and Jennifer Adams’ clever, simple text will make a sea dog out of any young shipmate. 

  • 7x7 
  • 22 Pages - Board Book 
  • Full-Color Illustrations
BabyLit-A Little Princess
$ 9.99
$ 14.99
Flaps, pull tabs, and many other movable parts show young readers an amazing universe beyond Earth! From astronaut training and rocket launches to landing on the moon and working on the space station, this volume is chock-full of information and provides a fascinating introduction to the world of space exploration.
$ 16.99
In this beautiful story you follow the journey of two parents that are eager to start a family. You follow them prepping, planning, and wishing for their little one to come. As the story goes on you can see it is taking longer than expected for their little family to start. Follow along as you see the power of patience and wishing in this heart warming book.
$ 7.99
Is it time to make the big change from diapers too underwear?? This funny book is the perfect book to get little one more comfortable with the idea of wearing underwear. You'll never look at underwear or vegetables in the same way again!
Get Up, Stand Up Book
$ 16.99
$ 11.99

Continue your little one's bilingual journey with First 100 Words in English and Spanish. This book introduces your child to 100 essential first words and pictures in both English and Spanish. Your child will know that avocado in Spanish is aguacate, butterfly is mariposa, and that a soccer ball is pelota de futbol.

Made out of tough board, First 100 Words in English and Spanish is perfect for even the toughest little hands!

$ 9.99

A bilingual slide-the-tab board book, with text in English and Spanish.

Cleverly introduce basic ideas about what happens in the morning when you wake up, including a rooster crowing, an alarm clock ringing, Dad shaving, and neighbors making coffee. The tabs add fun and unexpected movement for illustrator Xavier Salomó’s simple but engaging art

$ 16.99
Created first as a song, the book’s lyrical verses affirm the love and acceptance of people of all ages, races, religions, orientations, and social standings. At a glance, it seems as though the world is judging, but turn the page to find out how love is shown through simple acts of kindness. Multicolored figures and faces comprised of geometric shapes and bold colors convey the emotionally charged promise that you never have to be alone. (Pallas Gates McCorquodale Foreword Reviews 2020-02-01)
$ 16.99

A fanciful cross between a llama and a unicorn, Llamacorns are cuddly, magical friends who are spreading kindness.

Llamacorn land is filled with special creatures. Meet the well-known and beautiful Unicorn, the clumsy Buffalocorn, a big, blue Walruscorn, the fearsome Tigercorn, and more in this playful introduction to the land of the Llamacorn . . .

“But watch for the one who will be your friend, who will share his cookies, and play pretend, the nicest creature you’ll ever find—”

. . . who could it be but our new friend the Llamacorn! Coombs’ poetry paired with adorable illustrations, endearing characters, and a gentle message of kindness will make The Llamacorn Is Kind an instant favorite

$ 12.99
These fun board flash cards are perfect for a little one learning animal sounds! Each card has an animal with them saying "DADA" on one side with the sound that they make on the other.
Hachette Books Star Wars ABC-3PO
$ 16.99
Little Pip is so excited for his birthday! "WAKE UP!" he exclaims to Daddy Grizzle. "Today is a very special day...because today is my birthday!" But Daddy Grizzle tells him that it's not his special day yet. "There are still THREE whole sleeps 'til your birthday." Little Pip wonders how he'll ever make it--but Daddy Grizzle has a plan to give his little cub the best birthday party ever! This adorable book will make a cute add on to any birthday gift . 
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