Ooly - Double Up! Double Ended Markers

$ 7.00
$ 7.00

Get double the color in every marker

Who made the rule that markers could only offer one color? After all, a marker has two sides, so why not make use of both of them? That’s exactly what these double ended markers do! These durable, versatile markers for kids have two different colors - one on each end. So while there are six markers in the set, there are actually 12 colors in total. Their handy design makes them convenient for travel, so your kiddo can have the tools they need when they’re feeling creative. Non toxic, these double sided markers also make a great gift for the budding artist in your life!

  • Set of 6 double ended markers
  • Markers have two distinct colors on each end
  • Markers are non toxic and washable
  • Adult supervision is advised
  • Cover and protect work surfaces
  • May stain some surfaces; test on a small area before use
  • Suitable for ages 3 and up